Tom Scalisi


Tom Scalisi is a freelance writer specializing in the home design, construction, tools, and automotive industries. He has been involved in the trades for over 15 years as both a contractor and a commercial building mechanic. Tom has written for several online blogs and magazines including Next Luxury, The Drive, Car Bibles, and PowerTüls. In addition to his professional life, Tom enjoys getting outside on his mountain bike, camping, beekeeping, and fishing. Tom is also an avid racing and baseball fan. He lives in NY’s Hudson Valley with his wife, their three children, and three dogs. Connect with Tom on LinkedIn.

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The Best Car Drying Towels of 2022

True car enthusiasts and home detailers take pride in every inch of their vehicles. They’re serious about cleaning the interior carpet, want the windshield and other glass surfaces to spa...

AUGUST 22, 2022 | MONDAY
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While it’s great for setting the mood in a horror movie, the sound of a squeaking hinge can be downright irritating. Whether it’s to avoid waking a baby when opening the nursery door or t...

AUGUST 19, 2022 | FRIDAY
The Best Tools to Cut Drywall of 2022

Although drywall typically goes up quickly (and is one of the most exciting stages of a project), cutting it accurately and smoothly requires the right tools. There are a lot of tools tha...

The Best Truck Tool Boxes of 2022

When it comes to hauling gear, tools, and other items around, it really doesn’t get more convenient than a truck bed. But, when it comes to security, weatherproofing, and organization, ba...

The Best Mobile Home Manufacturers of 2022

Manufactured homes are light-years ahead of where they used to be. Once referred to as trailers, today’s mobile homes are better built, more efficient, and more customizable than ever. Th...

13 Items You Should Never Put in a Dumpster When Cleaning Out Your Home

Whether you’re spring cleaning, renovating, or moving, that big empty rental dumpster in the driveway might seem like the perfect place for all of the junk. After all, trash is trash, rig...

The Best Dumpster Rental Companies of 2022

Hauling truckload after truckload to the local dump is no one’s idea of fun. Not only is it inconvenient, but it’s also messy and can wear on even heavy-duty pickups. Renting a dumpster i...

The Best Foundation Repair Companies of 2022

Cracking, crumbling, and tumbling foundations are nothing short of terrifying. When homeowners first see the signs of foundation trouble, they often panic and allow the first contractor t...

JULY 1, 2022 | FRIDAY
The Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combos of 2022

Most homeowners and DIYers like the idea of getting more than one use out of their tools. It can help them justify a purchase or simply get more bang for their buck. With a lawn mower sno...

JUNE 30, 2022 | THURSDAY
The Best Garden Tractors of 2022

Large properties and big projects often call for machines that can handle heavy duties. Jobs like cutting acres of grass, removing snow, digging holes, or hauling mulch can be commonplace...